Succubus Tamer no Isekai Musou
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Succubus Tamer no Isekai Musou

Succubus Tamer no Isekai Musou: Maboro Shijuutachi no Chi wo Hiku Saikyou no Succubus to Hajimeru Mazoku Ryou Kaitaku

Synopsis Succubus Tamer no Isekai Musou

Malt Arcane is a “Tamer” whose ancestors are heroes of the human race. When Malt goes to defeat monsters, he is attacked by two low rank demon Succubi! When he activates his [Tame] skill on them, they both undergo a mysterious change… The Hero, now branded as a failure and exiled from his home, begins to explore the demon territory accompanied by the two Succubus, Filei and Miru…!


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